shot blasting

  1. The difference between sandblasting and shot peening

    The terms sandblasting and shot peening in Italy are sometimes used interchangeably but in fact they describe two very distinct procedures for surface treatment and finishing in different industrial fields.

    What is sandblasting?

    Sandblasting is the procedure that allows you to remove and eliminate, with a stream of abrasive and air launched at high speed and at very high pressure, impurities and corrosive slags: paints, rust, oxides, sand and calamine. In this way the surface can be prepared in order to create the best adhesion between the surface and the coating that will be applied or reapplied on the it.

    For the sandblasting process, various types of abrasive material are used depending on the result to be obtained in terms of cleanliness and roughness of the surface. Mineral abrasives