Digital Surface Profile Meter

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The Elcometer 224 provides the latest in surface profile measurement technology for profile measurement on flat or curved surfaces.
Fast, accurate and very easy to use, The Elcometer 224 is available in two different models: Model B and Model T. Each meter offers users increasing functionality - from the entry-level Model B to the Model T (higher level, with memory, alpha - numeric plot and Bluetooth® communication). Integral meters are ideal for one-handed operation, as the wide footprint of the internal probe provides greater stability during measurement - allowing consistent, repeatable and accurate results.

Key Applications

  • User-replaceable tungsten carbide resistant tip can be used for up to 20,000 surface profile readings
  • USB and Bluetooth data output for® iPhone¹ or Android device
  • Meters surface profiles up to 500μm (20mils) Review batch data or the last 20 readings in a chart format
  • Integral and separate probe options for flat and convex curved surfaces²
    • Can be used according to National and International Standards
    • Stable temperature measurements
    • Statistics are calculated and displayed in real time during inspection
    • Graph format of live and batch readings for instant analysis
    • Capable of measuring to ± 5%
    • Fast reading rate of 50+ per minute
    • Integrated and separate probe versions to suit your application
    • Alphanumeric identification of the lot
    • Compatible with ElcoMaster and ® ElcoMaster ® Mobile App software
    • Power-saving mode with touch to wake up

    Digital Surface Profile Meter
    Digital Surface Profile Meter