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All Purpose Garnet Abrasive

Garnet is an iron free mineral, durable enough to be recycled. Adapted to all types of surfaces from concrete to zinc, from aluminium to steel.

Natural material of mineral origin. Inert and non-toxic, being free of free silica, thus excluding any risk for its users from contracting silicosis. Abrasive widely used both in the blasting process and in water cutting tables. Typical Garnet 80 application: Particulate blasting of parts with a matte finish Image merely illustrative

Key Applications

- High pressure water jet cutting

- concrete cleaning

- mechanical pickling

- surface preparation of pipes, tanks, ships, bridges, stainless steel & aluminium structures

Product Features:

  • Hardness: ca. 7,5 – 8 mohs
  • Shape: Angular
  • Melting point: ca. 1.300 °C
  • Specific gravity: ca. 3,5 – 4,3 g/cm3
  • Bulk density (varies according to the grain size) :ca. 1,9 – 2,2 g/cm3