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consult for abrasives

Our consulting services are dedicated to reducing your blasting costs

Blasting is a complex process that goes above and beyond the simple question of the abrasives used, no matter how innovative and efficient it is. Numerous parameters come into play. The machines, the type of abrasives, the blasting processes used. Our team of 25 technical experts from our CONSULTING department have a perfect understanding of all these parameters and they are ready to bring added value to your operations.

We improve your process through three phases:

  • On-site Diagnosis:

    Designed to gain an understanding of the material and human context of the customer. Through use of innovative tools to measure and record necessary data we enhance customer experience.

  • Recommendations:

    Based on the diagnosis of customer process, our experts propose overall improvements from the choice and use of abrasives to blasting operations and equipment to be more efficient and cost effective.

  • Savings:

    Reveals the results obtained and the real global savings (from 5 to 20%) that can be achieved in your blasting operations.

services testing

Our Testing Services Guarantee You Zero Risk

We know very well how important for you to take zero operation risk when changing your blasting machine settings or when you implement a new blasting solution on your own production line. To ensure that you take no chances in your operations, our test centers are at your service to

We improve your process through three phases:

  • Run real life trials by creating a replica of your current or future set-up so that you have zero risk with the parts you are blasting

  • Identify the best abrasive and parameters like flow & projection speed

  • Carefully calibrate the coverage rate, parts movement, blasting time and the particle size distribution (psd)

  • Get the best, guaranteed results before implementing new solutions on your own production line

training in abrasives

Our Training Services Boost Your Performance

Our experts are dedicated to increasing the knowledge of your team on blasting processes and operations. For this, we created for you three specific modules adapted to your field in 2 stages designed for different populations.

We improve your process through three phases:

  • 3 Modules
    • Airblasting
    • Wheelblasting
    • Shot peening
  • 2 Stages of Training:
    • In-room theoretical courses on the blasting process principles and machines, to develop trainees understanding about interactions between the different blasting parameters and their influence on the result
    • Hands-on exercises in an industrial workshop, to experience theory through practice
  • Modules Designed for Different Needs & Populations
    • Starter Pack
    • Adept Pack
    • Tailored Pack
  • Our training sessions are provided by highly experienced Winoa application experts. We also offer
    • Possibility of tailored training session in your facilities, on your own blasting equipment
    • End-of-course diploma delivered to trainees
abrasives optimization

Our Optimization services improve your operational performance, reduce your maintenance costs

Our experts inspect your overall blasting process, implement the correct air separator settings and any necessary hot spot adjustment to minimize wear and reduce your operation costs.

Operational checks
  • Blast Pattern Controls
  • Hot Spot Adjustment
  • Amp Efficiency Checks
  • Flow Optimization
Mechanical checks
  • Blast Wheels
  • Air Separator Control & Adjustment
  • Material Handling system
  • Abrasive Reclaim System
  • Operating Mix Analysis
  • Waste Analysis
Results measurement
  • Roughness Check with perthometer
  • Roughness Check 3D
  • Visual Cleanliness Result Evaluation
  • WA Clean cleanliness evaluation
  • Dust Analysis with Dust Kit Test
  • Coverage Rate
blasting maintenance

Our maintenance services preserve the lifetime of your blasting systems

Blasting machines are self-destructive. The feed parts blades, control cage and impeller are obviously the machine parts most subject to wear. When worn out, these parts affect the abrasive pattern by moving the hot spot, thus increasing blasting time while reducing the efficiency.

We offer you quality preventive maintenance services to
  • Increase overall productivity and extend the life of critical equipment
  • Reduce overtime labor cost
  • Reduce the number of emergency repairs
  • Work in a more controlled and preventive way

Winoa proposes a comprehensive maintenance service to take care of your equipments with planned equipment inspection & parts replacement.

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