1. Preparação de Superfície para Revestimento de Tubos: Garantindo Confiabilidade a Longo Prazo

    Preparação de Superfície para Revestimento de Tubos: Garantindo Confiabilidade a Longo Prazo

    Aprenda sobre a importância de remover escamações, ferrugem e criar o perfil de superfície adequado para o revestimento de tubos, chave para a longevidade nas operações de pipeline.

    Garantindo Longevidade no Revestimento de Tubos através da Preparação de Superfície

    A preparação de superfície para o revestimento de tubos na indústria de óleo e gás é um processo que exige precisão e atenção aos detalhes. Dadas as exigências rigorosas da indústria, onde os tubos muitas vezes são esperados para ter uma vida útil superior a 25 anos, cada aspecto do processo de preparação torna-se crítico. Os objetivos duplos deste processo são remover

  2. The difference between sandblasting and shot peening

    The terms sandblasting and shot peening in Italy are sometimes used interchangeably but in fact they describe two very distinct procedures for surface treatment and finishing in different industrial fields.

    What is sandblasting?

    Sandblasting is the procedure that allows you to remove and eliminate, with a stream of abrasive and air launched at high speed and at very high pressure, impurities and corrosive slags: paints, rust, oxides, sand and calamine. In this way the surface can be prepared in order to create the best adhesion between the surface and the coating that will be applied or reapplied on the it.

    For the sandblasting process, various types of abrasive material are used depending on the result to be obtained in terms of cleanliness and roughness of the surface. Mineral abrasives

  3. Success Story of Luitpolhütte, How W Abrasives experts become TrialAdvisor?

    Luitpolhütte is a German company which produces high-quality castings in small and medium-sized series for renowned companies throughout the world. 
    Their main key differentiating point is based on their unique offer: they are focused on heavy, technical, sophisticated and core-intensive castings of up to 1,000 kg.
    Faced with a blasting issue, Luitpoldhutte did not hesitate to trust Winoa’s expert team and came for a trial at Le Cheylas Test Center.


    What are the stakes of the trial?

    Currently Luitpoldhütte is re-blasting most of its parts two or three times, focusing on one or two critical areas which is a real waste of time and money!
    The goal of the trial was to find a more efficient abrasive in ord
  4. Focus on blasting process control to guarantee cleaning success!

    A successful Technical Seminar was held in June at Schulz Foundry, one of the biggest air compressor manufacturers in Brazil. They started in the foundry industry producing parts for their compressors and, after that, extended their range of products for the automotive industry, the most important Brazilian sector today after the agricultural sector.
    Schulz was one of the first customers where we were successful in implementing the HPG in 2007, providing important gains in productivity, a fact that has kept them faithful to our product since then. The HPG, which means High Performance Grit, is a steel grit specially designed to improve shot blasting performance in foundries and forges. It works faster and lasts longer. Its characteristics give a higher cleaning efficiency on external parts, a higher cleaning efficiency of internal surfaces with smaller holes and geometry details, and a controlled and consistent surface profile. 
  5. Winoa is committed to protect the environment.

    The environment is an ever increasing imperative, and worldwide concern, its protection is important. Hence company put everything into action to reduce their environmental impact.

    That’s why Winoa is committed to protect the environment and is launching different actions such as process waste, investments in water treatment, air treatment and recyclable packaging. Thanks to its internal and external awareness campaigns Winoa has been certified ISO 50001, and ISO 14001, which are the result of a successful and continuous improvement.

    “Environment friendly” is not just a concept, but a value Winoa shares, and that we would like to pass on to the next generations.

    Discover more in our article, published in MFN, May issue

  6. WA Clean Technology designated Product of the Year in the Surface Preparation Category by PaintSquare!

    Developed by our engineers 4 years ago, the WA Clean technology evolved and grew!

    Recently accredited by the International Organization for Standardization via ISO/TR 22770, the WA Clean is an electronic optical device using as working principle an analytical colorimetry method to support the visual assessment of the surface preparation grades of uncoated steel substrates as defined in ISO 8501-1 or SSPC – VIS 1.

    PaintSquare Prestige Award honors every year recent innovations actively used in the protective coatings industry. In 2019 PaintSquare readers voted and conferred the Prestige Award Surface Preparation Category to the WA Clean Technology, considering its ability to provide objective, reliable and repeatable evaluations of surface blast – cleaning grades, independently of any human interpretation.