Success Story of Luitpolhütte, How W Abrasives experts become TrialAdvisor?

Success Story of Luitpolhütte, How W Abrasives experts become TrialAdvisor?

Luitpolhütte is a German company which produces high-quality castings in small and medium-sized series for renowned companies throughout the world. 
Their main key differentiating point is based on their unique offer: they are focused on heavy, technical, sophisticated and core-intensive castings of up to 1,000 kg.
Faced with a blasting issue, Luitpoldhutte did not hesitate to trust Winoa’s expert team and came for a trial at Le Cheylas Test Center.


What are the stakes of the trial?

Currently Luitpoldhütte is re-blasting most of its parts two or three times, focusing on one or two critical areas which is a real waste of time and money!
The goal of the trial was to find a more efficient abrasive in order to minimize the galvanization and to avoid re-blasting on engine blocks.

How the trial is carried out?

The trial starts by using our spinner hanger with two wheels and the customer’s operating mix; this allows our team to work by comparison. Using these references, parts are blasted with five abrasives using the same parameters. Stainium products, especially the SM512 gives the best results by reaching the cleaning results in the target cycle time.
Nevertheless, the first blasting does not give the expected results due to the variation of the industrial process, but we can’t provide our customers with such a non-definitive result.

Our added value

We suggest finishing the specific areas, by air blasting in concurrent operation time. The experts suggest installing a small manual air blasting cabinet at the exit of the wheel-blasting machine, using the same operating mix from the silo, to avoid a second complete blasting.
The customer appreciates our experts’ work and participated in the different tests on their parts. It was a real challenge for the team to conduct the trial successfully, due to the size of the engine block.
Choosing the optimal steel abrasive is only part of the optimal solution. The W Abrasives approach includes services and expertise which meet the requirements of  the customer’s process control. 
The W Abrasives team will support you at each level of your blasting operation.

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