Monthly Archives: February 2021

  1. Winoa is committed to protect the environment.

    The environment is an ever increasing imperative, and worldwide concern, its protection is important. Hence company put everything into action to reduce their environmental impact.

    That’s why Winoa is committed to protect the environment and is launching different actions such as process waste, investments in water treatment, air treatment and recyclable packaging. Thanks to its internal and external awareness campaigns Winoa has been certified ISO 50001, and ISO 14001, which are the result of a successful and continuous improvement.

    “Environment friendly” is not just a concept, but a value Winoa shares, and that we would like to pass on to the next generations.

    Discover more in our article, published in MFN, May issue

  2. WA Clean Technology designated Product of the Year in the Surface Preparation Category by PaintSquare!

    Developed by our engineers 4 years ago, the WA Clean technology evolved and grew!

    Recently accredited by the International Organization for Standardization via ISO/TR 22770, the WA Clean is an electronic optical device using as working principle an analytical colorimetry method to support the visual assessment of the surface preparation grades of uncoated steel substrates as defined in ISO 8501-1 or SSPC – VIS 1.

    PaintSquare Prestige Award honors every year recent innovations actively used in the protective coatings industry. In 2019 PaintSquare readers voted and conferred the Prestige Award Surface Preparation Category to the WA Clean Technology, considering its ability to provide objective, reliable and repeatable evaluations of surface blast – cleaning grades, independently of any human interpretation.